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Nice work on this ebook, how has support been since releasing in 2015?

Thanks :)

What do you mean by support? Like revenue?



Sure. I don't mid :)

Overall Gross Revenue -$690.85
SegaMasterSystemBook - $47

It's around 50% revenue when you take into consideration taxes and Itch payment. So overall I have made around 350-400 bucks since late 2014 across all platforms where I have released the PDF/books :p Maybe I should have used my time creating an iOS flappy birds clone instead :D

I've been using payhip and streetlib where they generally charge 10-20% commission based on the networking partner, I wanted to suggest as they deal with the ebook market directly. I know what you mean with cloning apps - Can't stand them myself sticking to PC platform


That sounds cool. I will look into it. Thanks :)