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This is a book on the Atari 2600. The book cover the 2600 library and include screenshots, information, cover art, checklists, etc.

2600_v2 is a 2021 revision  with a few changes to the PDF.

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2600_v2_(2021) 162 MB
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Oh men, i just love this books. i traveled back tin time!!!

Just wondering if you are going to make one for Amstrad CPC games... :)

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That's great :D I think the last PDF I made is the last one I'll make. But I am actually working on the A2600 PDF at the moment, trying to make it a little easier on the eyes when reading it by removing the text box, etc. with the plan of releasing it as print through lulu.com.

Any chance of an Atari 5200, Colecovision, and/or Intellivision Encyclopedia book? I love your books and will be picking up the PDFs of the paid encyclopedias shortly. :)

Hi :) I'm happy you like them. I'm not sure if I  get around to Coleco, A5200 or Intellivision, since I plan to stop making more of these pdf's because of my problem with time management.

Hope to see physical copys of these

There's a typo in the name on the front cover ("encyclopeda").

Haha. That's a bad typo. I will fix it after at some time. Thanks :)

I just found all of your content here through one of your old posts on AtariAge forum. I love your light hearted approach and attitude towards this. The typo and your response had me genuinely laughing...thanks! 

I love saving a copy of all this useful info and am grateful for your effort in helping the world archive the past. I often try and save sites to pdf, but the site formatting messes it up and you lose text and pictures. 

Now I need to find an easy way to figure out when you post a new pdf...do you have an email newsletter type signup thing that you could broadcast to when you have a new drop? 

Thanks you're awesome! 

Thanks! What a great comment. I don't have a news drop or something. I'm not working on a project at the moment. Have a good week :D