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This PDF cover the FM-7 ("Fujitsu Micro 7") - a Japanese home computer from 1982.

I can not read nor write Japanese (English isn't even my first language, which should be obvious :), so it's a pretty stupid idea to cover a system were I would mostly rely on google translator for help (which will make the book full of translation errors).

Warning: the file "V.e" consists of the eroge (erotic) games. Expect sexually explicit 8-bit graphics.

Volume 1 includes commercially released games and includes around 800 pages. 
The eroge volume is around 95 pages. 
Volume 2 includes a little over 570 pages of information on demos, homerew, magazines, accessories, etc.

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I have not bought a Proof Copy and does not known the quality of the printed books

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Get this book and 5 more for $1.00 USD
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This is a great resource for a whole swath of PC software mostly invisible to the West. The eroge volume is also awesome since even those this software is mostly trash, it doesn't mean there's not anything of interest here and was a major reason for FM's popularity

I agree :D