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This PDF cover the FM-7 ("Fujitsu Micro 7") - a Japanese home computer from 1982.

I can not read nor write Japanese (English isn't even my first language, which should be obvious :), so it's a pretty stupid idea to cover a system were I would mostly rely on google translator for help (which will make the book full of translation errors).

Warning: the file "V.e" consists of the eroge (erotic) games. Expect sexually explicit 8-bit graphics.

Volume 1 includes commercially released games and includes around 800 pages. 
The eroge volume is around 95 pages. 
Volume 2 includes a little over 570 pages of information on demos, homerew, magazines, accessories, etc.

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I have not bought a Proof Copy and does not known the quality of the printed books


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FM-7_e 27 MB

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