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This is a pdf on the first PlayStation, aka PSX, aka PSone, etc. The book is a little over 1GB in size and include screenshots, information, cover art, checklist on every released PS1 game, including information on accessories, etc.

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X-PSX-MASTER-Book.X1.pdf 383 MB
X-PSX-MASTER-Book.XChkList.pdf 16 MB
X-PSX-MASTER-Book.X3.pdf 233 MB
X-PSX-MASTER-Book.X2.pdf 370 MB


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Hello, the links to the print versions don't seem to work. This is also the case with your other books. Can't find them on lulu.com either. Is there another way to get the print versions? Thanks.

Hi. Yeah, sorry. Lulu kicked me off their platform. I have tried looking around, but it's a little difficult finding something that have quality prints and is affordable. I'll send you a comment if I find something. Little annoyed that I can't buy from Lulu anymore since I haven't bought many of the books myself yet.

Oh okay, I thought the links were just print files for downloading.

Hey, I recently ordered the PSX Vol 2 via lulu.com as a test to see whata larger book will look out printed as a test. I must say that I am very pleased with the result and will order the rest of the volumes over time, after which I will do the same for the PS2. I really love your work and I am only hoping that at some point in the future you will cover some more recent stuff like the PS3 or Vita/PSP.

All the best and I hope this series continues!

Hi :D

Sorry for the late reply. I have bought one of the PS1 volumes myself and was also pretty pleased by Lulu's quality. I have not yet looked at how to fix the missing PS2 volumes though, so you may want to wait before buying them if you want to buy every volume. 

I think the PS3 would be a fun project, but the library is so massive that it would probably be bigger than the PS2 PDFs (which I think took a whole year to make). The PSP and Vita would also be fun, but their library is also pretty massive. I really don't know yet if I have it in me to take on such a large project :) 

If there is any way you think a sort of a community help can be done, I will be glad to be involved by adhering to your formatting that I must say I am pretty familiar with by now :D  As I said before I am myself pretty obsessed with lists, so if you ever figure out some sort of a standartized approach that I can just collect you and send you all the required info over a period of time, then I will be happy to assist. 

All the best!

That's kind of you to offer but I think I'm more comfortable working alone. If you want to start on a PDF/book yourself then I could give some of the InDesign templates I use when I start a project. I use a fifteen year old InDesign though, so I'm not sure how compatible it will be with the present inDesign software.

I think we are very similar as I also love making lists. Making lists also fits in with my manic collecting :p

Take care. Daniel :D

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I wouldn’t mind getting the template. That way if you ever think you are done making these, I can try and pick up the mantle with some of the niche systems as well :) I am also an avid collector and take extra interest in the exclusives for some of these. In fact if I ever have one thing I would have included to your work, it would have been a small marking for the titles that can still be playable only on that system alone :) I often prioritize playing those first since everything is multiplatform these days rather than platform-defining…

You can send me a message on the email written on the first page found in the PDFs and we can work out how to send the files. 


What is your next Project? Gameboy Advance, XBOX, XBOX360, Playstation 3 or all the XBOX Live Arcade Games? 

Your Work is really oustanding! I must make you a big compliment!

kind regards Chrazor  (Germany)

I'm not allowed by the people I live with, since it's takes so much of my time :p But if I would start another then I would have liked it to be the Amiga. But the library is enormous :/ I have thought a bit of the Xbox. It would be a lot less work.


hey man, i absolutely love that you made these books! can’t wait to see more of them.

will there be a gameboy Color and GBA collection too? Maybe even DS.. now that would be interesting! 

Thanks for all your hard work, you’re amazing! And I’ll keep supporting your work whenever I can afford it :) 

This is great but one thing I would say with this PS1 version you did, as someone who loves browsing the screenshots and old images, is that the pictures are too small, I think the text box could be made smaller and the pictures bigger


Hi :)

Yeah, I agree with you that the pictures should be bigger. I started with a smaller size and I find it hard to change it since I'm so used to it (but that's a stupid excuse). I like everything to be compact and not much empty space on the pages, something I'm trying to change, as more free space is easier on the eyes and probably more pretty.

Thank you for addressing this issue to me. It's easier to see a problem when I get someone else's viewpoint.  I will try to change it  if I start another project. (I always say to myself that "THIS" is the last PDF I will make since it's eats so much of my free-time. But I have said that since the PS1 PDF.) :p

From Daniel :)

I'm still browsing your amazing books to this day. Thank you so much for what you've done here. Your JP PSX one is currently getting a lot of use as I've got back into PSX now after setting up a CRT as my main tv. All the best.

That's great :D I love the JP PSX games. So many absurd and fun titles :D I had a several shelves full of those large limited edition versions. Sadly I sold everything for a pittance. Kicking myself about it at least weekly :p I still have my PS2 with HDD though. So ROMs is still an option.

Warmest regards from Daniel :)

Hey there. Are the print versions still available? The links on this page end up going to an error page, but I'm not sure if it's because the print versions were taken down or because the site they're hosted on is broken (same goes for the SMS encyclopedia print).


Hi :)

The links works fine on my end. You could maybe google it with the search words: "lulu.com" and "daddarulekonge"

Take care. Daniel :)


Hi! I have found an error in pag. 327-Book 1: Muppet Monster Adventure genre is platformer not Survival Horror ^^


Thanks :) I will change it when I do a rewrite.