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This is a book on Arcade machines from 1977 to 1979. The book include screenshots, information, arcade machine pictures, etc.

236 pages

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Get this book and 5 more for $1.00 USD
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Hi, I bought both the arcade books but made only one payment for both I hope that is Ok with you.

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I've spent some hours reading your previous books but those paid ones (same for handheld consoles) are under unfair rules from itch :/ Minimum paiement required for EU users is 100 cents, so no way for you to make a 50% off since EU users would still have to pay 100% anyway ^^ Get it ?

Thx anyway, nice compiling work, great for train/airplane travels on iPad

BTW any new one in project ?


Hi :)

I didn't know that. That's a stupid rule. I will make a bundle for the handhelds. That way they will cost 50cent each :)

I am doing a PDF on the Japanese computer FM-7.

Thx !


  Thank you for the work you do. I have already contributed to The Handheld Game Console Encyclopedia and The Playstation2 Encyclopedia. Both are fabulous jobs.

Delighted to be able to collaborate and contribute, I think that by having this price so low, it encourages people to participate.
Thank you very much and I hope you keep getting more books, encyclopedias, etc.

kind regards


Thank you for your post :)

Comments like yours makes ut really hard to keep me away from starting another PDF :p

From Daniel :)


Hi DaddaRuleKonge

I have download all of your work for free.

I could tell that there is some errors in your books and that you have forgot things, as an example, like "LAST ODYSSEY PINBALL FANTASIA" the game that I want the most in my collection and playing it as a fan of Neo Geo/Pinball/Tolkien but the low creature whose have the game is hoarding the game only for himself, mental problems with this one.

There is also the problem that you taking the work from others, trying to make money on it. Wikipedia and the fandom wiki are really low quality and insert propaganda that I do not care as a Real Gamer.

I got a lot of little useful books encyclopedia in the 80's that I lost, because mummy clean the house when I grow up.

So your work is really useful, it was especially made for collectors f*gs but as a Real Gamer, your work is useful too.

This is why I am writing this post, I do not know if you have completely quit or not, Your paper books seems to be really interesting and I want to give you at least 10.00$ for "the Playstation 2 Encyclopedia" and another 10.00$ for "The Arcade Encyclopedia 1977-1979" and download them.

Here's the problem: I want to pay with my Paypal, I could give my mail but I do not want to give all the things like my name, street, country, that is why I am using Paypal.

This is the problem DaddaRuleKonge.

I wish you a good day and I think that with more advertisements of your work and products, a lot of people could be interested.

An Arcade Encyclopedia for the 80's and the 90's will be a must have. For sure. If one day you got the time.

Or just a Capcom Arcade Encyclopedia 70's to 2010. Like Konami.

A PC-Engine Encyclopedia.

G.I. Joe toys were incredible, Masters of the Universe toys, Transformers toys. M.A.S.K Toys, Cops N' Crooks toys, Ghosbusters Toys.

There is so mush cool things from the past, even the XBOX360 and the PS3 before eveything gone really down.

I wish you good luck DaddaRuleKonge and thanks for your work.

Hope that you find a solution that we could give you money without having to give our private life information like normally what was Paypal made for this at the beginning.


Hi. Thanks for taking time to write such a long post to me. I liked reading through it :) I will try to answer most of your questions. I know the PDFs included errors, since I am using information found online, which often contradict from source to source. I know that taking donations (with two paid projects) is a grey area with my PDFs  since they include sources taken from other areas online. But I hope I have made them somewhat in the area of fair use. If some of the sources I have used have issues with some of my PDFs, then I would remove their content without hesitation. I have taken a break from making these PDFs. If I start making more of these then I do not know what the subject will be.

I respect your privacy about giving away information. I will make the two paid PDFs (PS2 and Arcade vol.2) free for some days for you to download :) I do not need any monetary compensation. I'm just happy you find the PDFs useful :)



Thanks :-)


I put this in my twitter: https://twitter.com/halporrizadoh/status/1145371342591713280

And people love your job :)


Thanks :) It makes my day when people find it useful. It makes it all worth while :D


I bought it now! 0.25 is so cheap, I paid a few bucks more. Thanks for your job!